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What's Included In The Cassette To CD Kit™?

Cassette Tape Player

Don't have a cassette tape player anymore? No problem! A portable tape player is included with the kit. This cassette tape player will allow you to play back your tapes and transfer them to your computer.

Audio Splitter

This audio splitter plugs into the "Headphone" jack of your cassette tape player. It allows you to transfer your tape to your computer with the included cable while you monitor the sound with the headphones.


These headphones can be plugged into the included audio splitter. You can use them to monitor the sound from your cassette tape and cue it to the right spot when transferring the audio to your computer.

NEW! Audio2USB™ Cable

The Cassette To CD Kit™ now comes with the Audio2USB™ Cable. Just plug it into your cassette tape player and then your computer, and you're ready to go!

Software (Included on CD)

With the Cassette To CD Kit™, you'll also receive a software suite that will allow you to record and edit transferred audio from your cassette tapes. Software to burn your transferred tracks to audio CD is also included.

Tutorial Videos

Complete tutorial videos are included with the kit. They are broken up into 4 easy steps that take you step-by-step from setting up the kit to burning your first audio CD. Even if you're not good with computers, you'll get started in no time using these tutorials.

Please extend my appreciation to the Inventor -Program designer. This Cassette to CD kit is the BEST- I have invested in. After spending a few nights at it-It finally sunk in and is really very easy. For a senior some challenge but I am very happy with the noise removal and reproduction from tape to CD.

Thank you very much. I will suggest it to anyone out there.

Carl Marko

I received the new tutorial CD and this one does have the sound...
Thank you very much!! I was able to transfer the cassette tapes I wanted to and it worked great!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Again, thank you.

Olivia Rhodes

Here's How It Works...

First, you simply play a cassette in the tape player. After this, you connect the audio splitter to the "Headphone" (output) jack of the tape player. This allows you to plug in both the headphones and the audio cable to the audio splitter.

Then, you just plug the other end of the audio cable into the audio capture box, which plugs into your computer.

NEW! The Audio2USB™ Cable is included with the Cassette To CD Kit™ instead of the audio capture box and audio cable. See above for details.

After you've set this up, you just need to run the included software and use it to record audio from your tape player onto your computer. Finally, you'll burn a CD with the included software that contains your transferred audio.

(By the way, complete step-by-step tutorials are included with the kit. So you'll never find yourself wondering what to do next.)

Get Started Converting Your Cassette Tapes To Audio CD's...

All-In-One Toolkit To Convert Your Cassette Tapes To Audio CD's!
Includes Tape Player, Headphones, Audio Capture Solution, and Software
Transfer Your Cassette Tapes To MP3 Files for iPod® or PC
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Works with Microsoft Windows® 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8
Works with Apple Macintosh® OS 9 & OS X


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed.

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply get it back to us within 14 days of receiving it. You'll promptly receive a full refund. Unopened purchases can be returned within 60 days.

The Cassette To CD Kit™ also comes with a Full 1-Year Warranty.



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